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Systane Lubricant Eye Gel Drops are long lasting day or night protection for intensive dry eye relief.

Suitable For: Got temporary relief of eye symptoms due to dryness of the eye, such as
discomfort, burning and irritation.

Size: 10mL



It is essential that you follow your eye care professional's directions and all labeling instructions for proper use of the product. If you experience persistent eye discomfort, excessive tearing, vision changes, or redness of the eye, stop using SYSTANE Gel Drops Lubricant Eye Gel and consult your eye care practitioner as the problem could become more serious. Temporary blurred vision or other visual disturbances may affect the ability to drive or use machines. If blurred vision occurs after application, wait until the vision clears before driving or using machinery.



Tamper Evident: Do not use if tamper evident cap is damaged. Do not use if package has been opened or damaged.



SYSTANE Gel Drops Lubricant Eye Gel is a sterile solution containing polyethylene glycol 400, propylene glycol, hydroxypropyl guar,
sorbitol, aminomethylpropanol, boric acid, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, edetate disodium, and POLYQUADTM (polyquaternium-1)
0.001% preservative.

Contains: Polyethylene Glycol 400 0.4% w/v, Propylene Glycol 0.3% w/v



Shake well before using. May be used as needed throughout the day and also at night time. May be used to relieve dry eye symptoms associated with contact lens usage by instilling drops prior to inserting contact lenses and after the removal of contact lenses. Instill 1 or 2 drops in the affected eye(s) as needed and blink.



Store between 15 to 30°C. Once the bottle is opened, discard any remaining solution after three months.

Storage Temperature: Below 30°C

Systane Gel Lubricating Drops 10ml

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