Absence from Work Certificates

When you need to take sick leave from work, most employers will require you to provide a certificate from a health professional, such as a medical certificate or Absence from Work certificate.


Stanmore Station Pharmacy can provide you with an Absence from Work certificate. This is a quick and easy way to get the required certificate without having to visit a doctor or make an appointment.


A combined fee of $25.00 is all it will cost for your consultation with a Pharmacist and a certificate.


Absence from Work Certificates are issued at the pharmacists’ discretion. Pharmacists can only issue certificates for conditions that are within their scope of practice; such as minor ailments. If your illness or injury is outside a pharmacist’s ability to assess, they will refer you to a doctor or other relevant healthcare professional.

Absence from Work Certificates can be issued for short periods of leave (maximum of 2 days) and cannot be backdated. You may be asked for a form of identification (ID). If you need an Absence from Work Certificate for a carer the person who is ill must be present.

Note: Absence from Work Certificates cannot be provided for absences relating to pregnancy or compassionate leave.