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Blood Pressure Checks

Having regular blood pressure checks is an important part of maintaining a healthy blood pressure and looking after your overall health. At Stanmore Station Pharmacy, we can help you keep track of your health with our Blood Pressure Checks.

Blood Pressure should be taken when you are at rest. Our pharmacist or pharmacy assistant will fit an adjustable cuff around your upper arm (roughly at heart level).

Our pharmacist or pharmacy assistant will also ask you some questions relating to your lifestyle and blood pressure history. Your Blood Pressure Evaluation should take around 5 minutes.

Whether your blood pressure is healthy will depend on your personal circumstances, including your general wellbeing and any other health conditions you may have. However, as a general guide, the Heart Foundation defines different blood pressure ranges as follows:

  • Low — 90 or lower / 60 or lower

  • Optimal — lower than 120/ lower than 80

  • Normal — 120-129 / 80-84

  • High-normal — 130-139 / 85-89

  • High —140 / 90 or higher

  • Very high — 180 /110 or higher

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