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2023 Flu Vaccinations
Now Available

$25 for general patients

$15 for patients eligible under the National Immunisation Program. Click here to check if you're eligible.

Hurts when you urinate?

Need to urinate often?

If you’re female and aged 18-65 years
speak to our pharmacist today.

Our pharmacy is participating in the
NSW clinical trial for pharmacists
managing urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Covid Booster Vaccinations

Covid-19 vaccinations we are currently providing:

  • Pfizer Bivalent BA.4/5

  • Moderna Bivalent BA.4/5 

  • Novavax

You may be eligible for a 2023 booster dose if your last COVID-19 vaccine dose was 6 months ago or longer, and regardless of the number of prior doses received. Click here to find out more.

Our vaccination appointments times:
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM - Weekdays
9:00 AM to 12:30 PM - Saturdays.


FREE local deliveries! 


Enjoy convenient and hassle-free access to your essential pharmacy items with our free local delivery service.

Order online or over the phone and we'll bring your medications and other healthcare products straight to your doorstep. With no minimum order and quick turnaround times, getting the supplies you need has never been easier.

Contact us today to take advantage of this convenient service.

Conveniently organising your medications on a regular basis.

We make taking medication safer. Let us give you peace of mind by packaging your medicines in a weekly, fortnightly or monthly pack.

Save the hassle on managing your complex medication regime and figuring out when to take the right dose at the right time. Stanmore Station Pharmacy has got you covered!

Our team will work with you and your doctor to pack your medicines into an easy-to-use pack. This will help ensure you are taking the right medication at the right time of day, reducing confusion and wastage.

For the first three months, there is no cost for the medication pack fee. Prescriptions do not apply to this promotion.

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