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Ear Clear Ear Wax Remover aids the easy removal of ear wax, helping to relieve ear wax discomfort.

Ear Clear Ear Wax Remover releases the power of oxygen to break up ear wax, helping it move out of the ear naturally.

EarClear Ear Wax Remover softens hardened ear wax and has an effervescing action that also disperses ear wax.

This aids easy removal of ear wax, helps relieve ear wax discomfort and may reduce the need for syringing.

Clear your ears with Ear Clear.

Size: 12mL



• Aids easy removal of wax
• Dual action formula helps soften and loosen

• Suitable for ear wax build-up
• Australian made & owned






WARNING: do not use if the eardrum is perforated or if discharge is present. Do not use if there is pain or dizziness, or if ear surgery has been performed within the past 6 weeks. Not recommended for the treatment of pain of raw inflamed tissue, swimmer's ear or itching of the ear canal. Use in children under 12 years only on advice of your doctor or pharmacist. Avoid contact with the eyes or naked flame. If pain or irritation occurs or if the condition persists, consult your doctor. For external use only.



Glycerol, succinic acid

Active Ingredients: Carbamide peroxide 65mg/mL



Tilt head to one side and place 5 to 10 drops in the ear.

You can plug the ear lightly with cotton wool to prevent leakage.

Keep head tilted for several minutes.

Remove the cotton wool and repeat in the other ear.

Use twice daily for up to four days (Or as directed by your doctor or pharmacist).

To help prevent ear wax build up and wash away any remaining wax, try Ear Clear Cleansing Spray. For stubborn ear-wax build up try Ear Clear Ear Syringe.



Store below 25°C
Avoid heat and direct sunlight.

EarClear Ear Wax Remover Drops 12mL

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