How much does the vaccination cost?

$25 for general patients

$15 for patients 65+

Do you offer walk-ins?

Yes we offer walk-ins between 9am - 5pm weekdays and 9am - 12pm on weekends. 

There will just be a form to fill in  when you arrive at the pharmacy. You can fill this form in online if you book through our website.

What age do you have to be to get the flu vaccination?

Pharmacists are able to vaccinate from 10 years and above.

Children below the age of 10 will need to see their GP for a flu vaccination.

Where can I find out more information about the flu vaccination?

The Australian Immunisation Handbook Influenza information available 

Who performs the vaccinations?

Vaccinations are carried out by qualified pharmacists.

Can you get the covid vaccination at the same time? 

COVID-19 vaccines can be co-administered (i.e. on the same day) with an influenza vaccine.